Radio Shack's New Cell Phone Instant Trade In Program
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Radio Shack's New Cell Phone Instant Trade In Program


Radio Shack has an new instant cell phone trade in program.  If you are one of those who has a cell phone to trade in that is on their list, you can go to any Radio Shack store and receive an instant store credit.  This credit can be used to then purchase a new phone.  This is a good deal for those who need to upgrade their cell phones or don't like the model they now have.

The instant credit is only available if you are going to purchase a new phone; otherwise you will need to turn in the phone online which will take longer.  If your phone does not have any value, Radio Shack will take your old phone for recycling.

This program is new and is slated to end at some point, but that date is not decided as of yet.  If you think this might be of value to you, don't wait too long to try this out. 

There is guidance provided on Radio Shack's website about values of cell phones that are turned in.  The actual value is determined by the local Radio Shack.  It is not unreasonable to try out several Radio Shacks to obtain the best deal.  Below is a list of some of the phones now accepted by Radio Shack and their values from the company's website.  Both the cell phones accepted and the values, of course, are subject to change.  Values listed are the maximum paid.

  • iphone 3GS 16gb -  $41.97
  • iphone 4G 16gb AT&T - $133
  • iphone 4G 16gb Verizon - $102
  • iphone 4S 16gb - $210
  • Blackberry Torch - $44
  • Casio GZone - $27
  • HTC Inspire - $26
  • Huawei My Touch Q - $62
  • LG Trill - $45
  • Droid Razor - $64
  • Nokia N900 - $36
  • Nokia N97 - $20
  • Pantec Flex - $46
  • Pantec Revue - $36
  • Galaxy S G AT&T - $115
  • Epic 4G Touch Sprint - $105
  • Galaxy S 4G - $42
  • Xperia Arc - $57.41
  • Xperia Ion LTE - $66

Radio Shack wants the phone to be working and no damage to the screen that is visible.  The better shape the phone is in, the higher the value of the phone. In some cases, the company wants the power cord and other accessories that are sold with the phones.

What phones does Radio Shack carry?  They can hook anyone up to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint services and phone offered by these companies.  They also have their own cell phone brand that a customer can purchase along with service from one of these providers.  So, if you are eligible for an update, you can use this buy back opportunity to help yourself out.

For more information on this program, the Radio Shack information page can be reached here.

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